Wyntir the Rhino goes Wild

Wyntir the Rhino and her friends made the 14th of August 2017, another day to remember at Care for Wild for it saw her return to the wild with best friends Tana and Mabush. Wyntir arrived at the sanctuary at two months of age weak, vulnerable and heartbroken. She weighed just 107kg. Three years later … Continue reading Wyntir the Rhino goes Wild

DiDi Rhino Warrior

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that on the morning of August 12th, Didi, our Poaching K9, was killed in a freak accident while on duty at Care for Wild. Didi and Fire with their handlers startled a family of Bushbuck at the corner of the Intensive Protection Zone.  The Buck panicked when … Continue reading DiDi Rhino Warrior