Skylar the Rhino


Skylar the Rhino

Skylar arrived at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary on 8 August 2014 after her mother was shot by poachers. All poaching incidents are tragic, but this one is especially awful because the poachers were interrupted and never managed to take her mother’s horn. Skylar lost her mother for nothing and was found in the Crocodile River bordering Marloth Park in Mpumalanga.

Skylar arrived at the same time as Thor, a little black rhino. They were in the same crate together, and both had been sedated. Skylar had a rough time with the sedation drugs, and she stopped breathing.  She had to be removed from the crate so the team could try to revive her.

Petronel was determined to bring her back. One person blew air into her nose, and another jumped on her chest to perform CPR. After a couple of minutes it seemed that all was lost. Petronel’s husband Chris said, “She is gone.” but Petronel would not give up and shouted, “They are never gone!” She instructed everyone to keep going, and so faith coupled with sheer will brought Skylar back to life.

Skylar never really relaxed until she met her new rhino family.  Through them, she learned that she was safe. She is firmly bonded to Tank, Satara and Robyn and all four have been released into the wild. They spend a lot of their time grazing on the sweeter grass that grows nearby to a river.

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