Sibeva the Rhino


Sibeva the Rhino

The search and rescue of baby Sibeva was a dramatic affair involving a lot of people and stretching out over many days. One Friday afternoon Care for Wild received notice that an 8-month-old calf needed to be rescued from a reserve in the Mpumulanga region.

The mother of the calf had been killed, and Rangers saw that the calf had been shot in the front left leg.  The search for Sibeva began in earnest but the weather was not on the rescuer’s side, and this led to her tracks being washed away.  To make matters worse, Sibeva had run into a section of the reserve where the bush was thick with trees and this hindered visibility from the air.  It was a very tense time for all who were trying to save her.

Some eight days later and just when any hope of the calf being found alive had faded, the helicopter called in to say they had spotted her.  Sibeva was darted and transported to Care for Wild so that her bullet wound could be attended too.

Sibeva was introduced to some of the bigger rhinos so that they would act as surrogate mothers. This act was a vital part of the rehabilitation process. Sibeva is now doing very well and we are happy with her progress.

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