Satara the Rhino


Satara the Rhino

Satara started her residency at Care for Wild in November 2013 after her mother was poached.  She is from the Nwanetsi area of the Kruger National Park, and she is the first orphaned baby rhino to be rescued and relocated from the park.

Before Satara was saved the policy of the Kruger National Park was that animals should face their true fate should their mother die. Thankfully this decision was reversed due to the devastating loss of rhino in the park.  It was also accepted by all that poaching is not a natural occurrence and as such orphaned rhino need to be rescued and rehabilitated.

Because she was the only baby at Care for Wild back then, she was doted upon by everyone, and as a result, she is one of the gentlest rhinos at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. She is extremely inquisitive and likes to know what is going on.

Satara’s best friend is Tank, and they hang out with Robyn and Skylar who they used to share their sleeping quarters.  All four have recently been released back into the wild.

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