River the Rhino


River the Rhino

River’s mother was killed by poachers when she was just one month old. The following day alone and defenceless she was attacked by Jackals.  Exhausted, terrified and desperate for help she went out onto the road and found help from a car full of tourists.

The visitors gave River some water to drink and then they made contact with Rangers. River was then transported to Care for Wild.  She had her moment of fame on Facebook after a Ranger in the Kruger Park posted her rescue story.

At Care for Wild, she was placed into the crate, given liquids and kept warm. She cried all of the time which was very upsetting for all to see. Petronel explained to the staff that it was as if “She needed to go back to the safety of the womb.” There was a volunteer by her side at all times, and by the end of day four she took the bottle and drank well.  She was then introduced into the enclosure with Thor, the little black rhino.

It was some time before River properly relaxed.  She would jump at the slightest movement, so it was important that the carers made their presence known to her, so she wasn’t continually startled.  Eventually, she did settle down, and she and Thor would sleep together in the night pen.

It was not so long after that that another Rhino was introduced to her family and life became very peaceful for River.

River now spends her days happy and unafraid with her Rhino family.


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