Odin the Rhino


Odin the Rhino

Odin comes from the Kruger National Park. In 2014 when he was two years old his mother was poached for her horn. As Black Rhino are critically endangered, he was at first moved to the black rhino program within the Kruger, but unfortunately, he did not thrive within the program and so the decision to move him to Care for Wild was made.

In 2015 he was introduced to Marcules in the hope that the two would bond despite black rhino being solitary by nature. Theirs was an instant bond, and the two boys became firm friends.

One of Odin’s favourite things, when he was still living in the boma, were “rhino lollies.” The lollies are a delicious, yet healthy treat of glucose, denkavit and omega oil applied to lucern, they provided him with added nutrients and a sense of pleasure, which in turn promoted self-confidence, and trust in his carers.

Odin and Marcules have been released into the wild, and it brings us great pleasure to see them browsing on the myriad of trees, which also provide shade in the heat of the day.

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