marcules the rhino


Marcules the Rhino

Marcules named after his rescuer Dr Markus Hoffmeyer is a black rhino.  For reasons unknown, he was abandoned by his mother in the Kruger National Park.  Dr Hoffmeyer took him to the Kruger National Park rhino boma to live with other rhino who were already there.

Sometimes though, things do not go to plan, and this was one of those times. Unfortunately, he did not bond with anyone, and he became an unhappy rhino.  The decision was made to move him to Care for Wild in the hope that he and Odin, another black rhino, would make friends.

Odin, who is slightly older than Marcules took to him immediately, and it was a beautiful thing to see them together happy especially as black rhino are solitary by nature.

Marcules and Odin do everything together from eating to bathing in the thick mud.

They now live together wild in a vast area, and we can see that they are happy to be living the life a couple of black rhino mates should live.

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