Manji the Rhino


Manji the Rhino

Manji’s mother was killed by poachers in the Manyeleti area bordering the Kruger National Park when he was only a few DAYS old. He arrived at Care for Wild with a deep gash above his eye from being struck by a machete.  He is our miracle rhino.

Manji is one of the youngest rhino the sanctuary has ever rehabilitated. When he first arrived, it was thought that he perhaps had brain damage as he continuously moved in circles whether inside or outside the crate. There was also the genuine fear that his eyesight was impaired.

Manji went through an operation and spent his first few nights using one of the Care for Wild staff as a pillow.  It was an emotional time for all.

BUT the will to survive is strong in this one, and he made a full recovery.  You can hardly see the scar from the wound above his eye, his eyesight is fine, and there is no brain damage.

Manji is going to be a magnificent bull when fully grown. He has a best friend named Venus who he watches over.  Venus also had a rough start as she had a pretty severe foot wound. Manji would charge any rhino who dared to come near her when she was being treated. He did not care at all if they were bigger than him.

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