Lunar the Rhino

Lunar became an orphan after her Mother was killed by an Elephant bull in 2011 when she was only four months old.  Today, she is a big curvy girl weighing in at over a tonne.  She has a special place in the heart of Care for Wild founder Petronel Nieuwoudt and we are sure those feelings are reciprocated by Lunar after all the two of them have been through to get her to where she is today.

Lunar “died” three times when she arrived at Care for Wild and each time she was resuscitated by Petronel.  Episodes like that are heart-wrenching so in those early days, the two practically lived together.  I suppose you could say that Petronel is her mother and that is a bond that won’t ever be broken.

When Lunar was out of danger, she was moved in to share “digs” with Storm. These two are in rhino love and if there is such a thing in the rhino world we would say they are soul mates.

Lunar and Storm have now been released and they roam freely together.  The happily ever after we are all waiting for now is the day that we find out they have mated and will be bringing a bouncing baby rhino of their own into their world which is protected by people who love them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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