Orphan Rhino Hawk


Hawk the Rhino

Orphan Rhino Hawk arrived at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in October 2014, he was in quite a bad condition.  It was estimated that he was just over one year old which is still far too young to be without a Mother.

It was soon discovered that he was a feisty and intelligent young rhino bull.  We also found out that he was full of self-confidence and incredibly brave.  The first time he was introduced to the larger rhinos, he walked straight up to them showing no fear or nervousness at all.

Growing up, he shared an enclosure, and bonded strongly, with Timbi, Forrest and Olive.

Hawk now lives wild in the protection zone and spends his time contentedly munching grass and wallowing in the mud with his orphaned friends.  It is so gratifying to see him maturing as a free young rhino bull.

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