Spirit Rhino

A Rhino named Spirit

On the 17th of November Edwin Pierce and his team located a female rhino calf (now named Spirit) who had been running through the bush in the northern part of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve which is near to the border of the Kruger National Park.  She was alone, exhausted and frightened.

She was darted by Dr Ferreira du Plessis, Head Vet from Mpumulanga Tourism and Parks Agency and even though she was exhausted; the panic kept her going until she eventually collapsed into thick mud near to a waterhole. I’m sure you can appreciate how heavy a baby rhino is to lift, but one stuck in the mud presented the team with quite a challenge!

After a very long and stressful day of travel, she arrived at Care for Wild Sanctuary to begin the rehabilitation process.

As it is with all of the rescued orphans, she arrived blindfolded with her ears plugged so as not to become even more stressed by all that is going on around her. She went on to a drip straight away and was placed in the snug and warm baby pen for a well-deserved sleep and some TLC from Petronel and the Care for Wild Team.

She took to the bottle quite easily but her time out in the bush on her own had compromised her immune system, and the team were concerned for her. They monitored her day and night, and soon she became strong enough to meet three babies of the same size who had also lost their Mothers to poachers.

Since then and despite battling through a bout of pneumonia Spirit is doing well as are her friends Jemu, Zac and Grey.

To find out how you can help us to raise funds, please send an email to jooles@spiritwildlifefund.org #jointhecrash

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